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A couple recent watches

Got some good movie watching in during the last week or so. Here’s the quick rundown of the ones that matter. I took the time to go back and catch some stuff I had formerly missed, so some of this stuff is dated, but it’s my blog…the rules are mine to break.  

The Iron Lady

-Streep is amazing (I know, stupid thing to say) and Jim Broadbent is still the man. The movie in total seemed a little slapdash, but think it accomplished two things really well: 1.) Humanizing an instantly recognizable historical figure. 2.) Painting the difficulty of dealing with Alzheimer’s in a once brilliant mind. Historical inaccuracy runs rampant, but it was somewhat understandable in the face of trying to make the storytelling work…which didn’t really end up happening.



-Wow. It features a brutally vulnerable performance by the incomparable Michael Fassbender and the lovely Carey Mulligan lives up to her reputation for sharp and passionate turns. Handling the dark tone of sexual addiction (something that often gets lampooned thanks to scape-goat excuse makers like that one ex-hero golfer…I forget his name.) is certainly the real strength of the piece aside from the main character’s performance. I’ve seen reviews complain that the film has a one track mind…right…this is the point. Regardless of where you sit on the spectrum of sexual freedom/experience, this movie will make you evaluation the choices you have and will make in and out of the bedroom. It’s Steve McQueen so it’s not a big, pretty, Hollywood piece. Maybe boring/realistic to some, but I think it does what it means to do. Warning: Tons and Tons of Michael Fassbender penis and general nudity. If you’re not comfortable with that kind of thing you will be seriously uncomfortable with this movie. 


-I don’t know how I missed this one. I finally got my hands on a copy and sat down for a lazy Saturday morning. Set aside the fact that I had to hear the word “feeling” somewhere in the neighborhood 800 times in a 107 minute movie (and I wish I was exaggerating) it was a pretty good time. Sure it’s a Matrix piggy-back, but the visual style and combat concept is pretty out of sight. If you’re an action fan that hasn’t seen this one (and part of me hopes that I am the only one) be sure and do yourself a favor and pick this one up. Christian Bale (I’m a fan so I get to make fun) does the thing he does in really well in like 90% present of his films, which show the audience an experiment in emotional repression. He plays semi-sociopathic-sociopaths-with-a-heart-of-gold/coal practically every time he’s on screen, and we’ll keep watching. Sean Bean is notably awesome as always. The movie made me go “What else has this director done!?” Internet Research: “Kurt Wimmer. Oh One Tough Bastard, never seen it. Equilibrium, right. And…ultraviolet, and that’s it…poor guy.” Wimmer is far more accomplished as a writer: Sphere (adaptation) & Law Abiding Citizen were both pretty great (Salt was not).    

The Woman in Black

-This will be short. Daniel Radcliffe walks into this room…and there’s something scary…He has a conversation with someone…that says something scary… so he has to walk down this hall that’s kind of scary. Not that the flick is without its creepy moments, but it definitely never gets past a little jump scare or “oh…that’s interesting”. I like Daniel and I hope he moves on past Potter-world with grace (like his turn in Equus)…this was not embarrassing…but this was not the thing either. Radcliffe hardly fit the body of a 30 year old attorney with a son and dead wife.  


There is one more movie of note that I watched this week, so much so that it is getting its own article. The film took my five roommate house by force. We’ve now taken two nights of our very limited free-at-home-together-group-time to watch this insane piece of cinema twice over. It is a movie from 2009 (which may be enough said for some of you), but I’m working on how to approach the film exactly. We’ve now had hours of conversation about it and it literally rocked our collective socks for better or worse. I’m not going to name the movie now purely because I don’t want anyone to watch it as a result of reading this blog without my fully prepping you.

I missed the blog. Life’s been busy being life, so haven’t had the time and sit down to write. To anybody out there reading this I’m both pleased and surprised that you’d take the time. It is more than appreciated.

Peace and Positivity,


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